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Ross Graham Motors Paritutu Street Sprint

Ross Graham Motors Partitutu Street Sprint

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Dates and Entry Fees

Is event one of a three event sprint series to be hosted by Taranaki Car Club Inc.

This three race series compromises the following events.

Event 1 – Saturday 27th October 2018 R&S Dreaver Contracting Waitara Street Sprint (Event finished)
Event 2 – Sunday 25th November 2018 Ross Graham Motors Paritutu Street Sprint.
Event 3 – Sunday 20th January 2019 Ross Graham Motors De Havilland Drive Street Sprint

Event entry fees are as follows

Event 1 - $150.00 Event 2 - $120.00 Event 3 - $120.00

Competitors wishing to enter the entire series will have the option to do this on the invoice generated via the Possum website when entering the first event.

Should a competitor be forced to withdraw from any or all events a refund of 75% of the entry fee for that event will be made provided notification is received in writing or by email no later than 24 hours prior to the start of the event.

If such an occurrence happens to a competitor who has qualified for, and received, the petrol voucher discount this discount will be deducted from fees refunded.