(NB) This notice is a new one as there were insufficient members at the previously advertised one to be held at the Auto Lodge on Sunday 24th February at 5 p.m. – 15 members only turned up.   The constitution states  - ”That the Club have at least 20 members  present to make a quorum  -(the more the better)  This is your Club and also theirs.



Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting (2018)

Matters arising from the minutes

Presentation of Annual Financial Statements

Reports from the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Captain, Speed

Matters arising from these Reports.

Changes in the Constitution (these have been sent out previously)




For further information please contact either the Secretary – Garnett Henderson or

The Treasurer- Annabelle Sutton (Ph 06 7584523)


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting will be held
at the Auto Lodge Moter Inn, 393 Devon Street East, New Plymouth
on Sunday 24th February 2019
at 5.00pm
Final date for receiving remits and nominations will be 10th February 2019.
Agenda attached.

Agenda, Remit and Nomination forms are all available on the club wedsite click the link below. 

AGM Infomation
We hope that you are able to join us.
Enquiries to:  secretary@taranakicarclub.org.nz

Movie night - Born Racer: The Scott Dixon Story.

Movie Night

The Taranaki Car Club has hired a Movie cinema to watch Born Racer: The Scott Dixon Story.

Portrait on five-time indycar world champion Scott Dixon, one of New Zealands's most accomplished professional racing drivers, exploring the passion and dedication required to complete in one of the world's most dangerous sports. 

All are welcome to come and watch another great movie, Non car club members are welcome to. 

Where: Events Cinema 119-125 Devon St E, New Plymouth 4310
When: Wednesday 14th November at 8pm
Cost: $10

Please RSVP to Garnett 021543869

Naki Nitro - Rally Cross

Where: Naki Nirto Dehavillane Drive
When: 28th July
Time: 3pm till 5pm
RSVP to Larni before 27th July

We are heading to Naki Nitro, We are mixing it up introducing Rally Cross Go-Karting.How does rally cross work?
4 drivers on track at once, each driver will do 15 laps of the course within the 15 laps you need to complete 2 joker laps as well. Lap times will be combined and the two fastest drivers from each group will go through to the next round, and repeat till top 4, Top 4 battle is first kart over the line on the 15th lap is the winner.We need at least 20 drivers for this event to happen, you dont need to be a Taranaki Car Club Member to join in everyone is welcome.Cost : Waiting to here back from Naki Nitro
RSVP to Larni by the 27th of July.


2017/18 Prizegiving Awards

Venue:  Eastend Surf Club
Date: 8th June 2018
Time: 6pm til Late
RSVP: Tim Roper by 25th May 2018

Its that time of year were we celebrite the years racing with our follow competitors.

Meal on the night will be a yummy BBQ. 

All 2017 members come along and enjoy a beverage or two, while talking about how little we spend on our race cars.
Non 2017 club members will be $20 each.


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting will be held at the Plymouth International Hotel, Corner Courtenay and Leach Streets, New Plymouth on Tuesday, 21st February 2017 at 7.30pm

Final date for receiving remits and nominations will be 7th February 2017.

You can download a PDF of this notice and the Agenda from the events page.
We hope that you are able to join us.

Enquiries to: secretary@taranakicarclub.org.nz

Marshals - though not the Big Deal kind...

You know all those events in which you race and others volunteer their time to enable that to happen?

Well now is your chance to give back to your club! 

Exciting, I know!

In all seriousness, we are needing marshals for the Naki Drift event on the 12th of March which Ross Honnor and Larni Nicholas are very kindly organising. 

We still need a dozen or so people to help with crowd control, gate takings, confiscating alcohol for the after-party, and more typical motorsport marshal duties.

You will be looked after on the day, fed and watered etc as our marshals always are.

If you are able to help even for even some of the day, please contact Larni on 0274 255 554.

Note that we are always needing volunteers for all our events, so if you know someone who is mad on motorsport but not necessarily able to race, we would welcome them in any capacity.

We are needing someone to sit in the bus and do timing at club events as well as usual marshals.

(Many apologies for the bad joke in the heading. -Nigel)




Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Taranaki Car Club Inc. will be held at the Plymouth International Hotel, Corner Courtenay and Leach Streets, New Plymouth on Wednesday, 17 th February 2015 at 7.30pm.

Final date for receiving remits and nominations will be 3rd February 2015.

Click here for the Remit Template.

Nomination Form downloaded here.

The Agenda can be downloaded by clicking here.

We hope that you are able to join us.

Enquiries to: secretary@taranakicarclub.org.nz

Club points season changes

This has been talked about for a few years now among the committee, and we have decided that the Prizegiving is at a terrible time of the year for attendance. In order to keep the prizegiving relevant, we are opting to move the club points season from the currently 1 Feb - 31 Jan to 1 June - 31 May.

This means we will have a extended season from 1st Feb 2016 to 31 May 2017 while we transition. From 2017 on it will be a usual 12 month season from June to May.

Club membership dates will not change, they will still run out 31st of January. Yes this does mean that you will need to renew membership to compete in an entire points season. We have talked to a few other clubs around that have this exact setup and it works well for them, for the same reasoning as us. The prizegiving will be at a time of year where more people are available to attend, and venues are more readily available for us to use!

So, the only thing changing is the points season. Membership year stays the same, AGM still the same. The only thing changing is the points season and associated prizegiving. Confused? I hope not, but flick us an email or call if you are.

Note: We are pushing the Prizegiving in 2016 (for the 2015/16 just finished) out till March/April for the same reason. The events page will be updated as soon as we have a date set.

So you wish to enter 2 cars...?

It has come up a few times recently, so we would like to clarify where the club stands on one driver entering 2 cars.

So, you may enter in more than one car under the following stipulations:

  • You forfeit club points for the event.
  • You fill out a separate entry form and pay the entry fee for each car you wish to enter.  (e.g. 2 cars = 2 entry forms/fees).
  • The event must not be full. Entrants with one car get priority, if there are spaces left at the entries closing date then you may use your second car.

The reasoning for this is that it has been discussed that they will get twice the seat time, and more familiarity of the course and hence an unfair advantage. Valid point, and there are numerous scenarios in which we can't make it fair on everyone competing for club points. We think the above criteria are fair on everyone entering; you can still win the event and still get the event certificates for placings, but your placings will not contribute towards TCC season points. 

Brian Blackbourn Memorial Speed Weekend 2015

Looking to be quite an exciting weekend, the 400m Sprint (a quarter mile to you oldies) is at the Lepperton end of Wortley Road as it was last year, but the Hillclimb portion of the weekend has us in a new venue: Purangi.

Our organisers Nath and Scotty have a wee video preview of the course next Sunday. 
Looks like it'll be a good one. Entry forms need to be in asap, separate entries for each day. You can enter one or the other if you like, but the Brian Blackbourn Memorial award is for the combined time of both days.


Hi all, we received this through, some of you might be interested...

Want to have an end of season blow put - We have Invitation Class for GT & BMW Cars, European Cars, plus Classic Cars.
Sat night May 2nd our International Guest Steve Parrish will be entertaining motorsport fans at the Taupo Gold Club
Tickets are $30 per head and will be a great evening – purchase tickets on iticket asap to make sure you don’t miss out.
 Please note Steve Parrish is also speaking in Auckland and Christchurch – an event to not miss

Greenie's Celica for sale

Here's what he sent through:

  • 1981 TA 45 Celica

  • 3SGE Engine, twin side draught ‘45s, MSD ignition, cams, good free rever.

  • 6 Speed Altezza Gear-box. Puck clutch.

  • Hilux 4.8 to 1 LSD  Driff, 3 Bar rear suspension.

  • Platform front suspension.

  • Rego on hold.

  • Log book and holmagated roll cage.

  • Spare 5 speed T-50 Gear-box and bell housing to match 3SG engine and driveshaft to suit.

  • Spare rims and tyres.

Is a car with a bit of history and has won class overall points in car club and when was been run was in the top 3 overall each year, would be a fun car for someone to start with.

$3000.00 ono.


No pic sent as he said "everyone knows what it looks like".

Anyone interested can flick me an email and I'll put you in touch with him.