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STCC Tiromoana Road Hillclimb

Entry’s and Supp. regs available below. For any information please call Helen Cameron

Taranaki Car Club points:
TCC members will be able to gain points for this season (Last chance to gain points), It will be worked out from both days times combined and points allocated from there.


Supp. Regs

Please note if you enter both days the Entry Fee is only $170.00.

If you only enter one day, the Entry Fee is $90.00.  I wasn't able to convey that on Possum, so please make sure you only pay $170, not $180 for both days.

There's no Hard Copy Entry Form. Everything is done through Possum. Make sure your profiles are all up to date. Then it's easy, peasy for both you and I!!!

Please, also, don't leave paying until the last minute as it makes it harder for me this end.

Helen Cameron
027 243 9096