So you wish to enter 2 cars...?

It has come up a few times recently, so we would like to clarify where the club stands on one driver entering 2 cars.

So, you may enter in more than one car under the following stipulations:

  • You forfeit club points for the event.
  • You fill out a separate entry form and pay the entry fee for each car you wish to enter.  (e.g. 2 cars = 2 entry forms/fees).
  • The event must not be full. Entrants with one car get priority, if there are spaces left at the entries closing date then you may use your second car.

The reasoning for this is that it has been discussed that they will get twice the seat time, and more familiarity of the course and hence an unfair advantage. Valid point, and there are numerous scenarios in which we can't make it fair on everyone competing for club points. We think the above criteria are fair on everyone entering; you can still win the event and still get the event certificates for placings, but your placings will not contribute towards TCC season points.