Leatt Brace FHR product recall

MotorsportNZ sent this through to scrutineers, but it would be worth checking with a dealer if you have one.

We have received information from LEATT® about their MRX Head and Neck Restraint System which details potential problems with the device. The company states the following:

"Leatt Corporation's quality assurance procedures identified a materials flaw in our Head and Neck Restraint System (MRX) used exclusively in motor racing. The device can crack unexpectedly."

'Unexpected cracks' are probably not a good thing! So as ask that you keep this in mind when performing safety audits and are looking at 'frontal head restraints'. We don't believe this make of FHR is as common as other well-known brands although marketed and sold here in NZ. If you do come across any of these safety systems the best approach will be to advise the owner about the recall and follow Leatt's advice as follows;

"STOP using your MRX device and contact your point of purchase to return your MRX device for a replacement, refund or credit."

We understand the NZ dealers are well aware of this recall by Leatt and will be happy to assist their customers as necessary.